A Letter to Stephenie Meyer

Long overdue? Yes. Necessary? Duh! This might hurt just a little. Midnight Sun. I mean we all jumped fromexcitement when the book was announced in May. We preordered it, weorganized read alongs, quizzes, reading marathons, we watched the moviesand it was 2008 all over again. Who would have thought that a book that was put... Continue Reading →

Vitamin K

Here I am, trying to think of a clever title for what will be a fangirl post about K Dramas. So many bad puns were cut. I settle on Vitamin K, hoping the reason will be obvious by the end of this. Then, like a moron, I wonder if there is an actual Vitamin K?... Continue Reading →

Reading Challenge Update!

Hi everyone! So, as promised, here is an update for my 2020 reading challenge! So Far This Year This year, as every year I have used Goodreads to track my reading. In 2019, I set myself a goal of 100 books and read 111! So this year, I really wanted to challenge myself and set... Continue Reading →

NetGalley Round Up

Hi everyone! I hope everyone is staying well and keeping safe! Today I thought I would discuss some of the NetGalley books I've recently read. One of my favourite things about being a bookstagrammer is the opportunity to read and review upcoming books! I've been lucky enough to read some really great books and I... Continue Reading →

Sanditon’s Redemption

I have only recently fallen into the wormhole that is fic. How had I NOT known about this my whole life? How? There is a fandom for everything. Luckily, for my Jane Austen loving heart, there is a whole dedicated corner of the internet for me to get lost in. During one of  my deep... Continue Reading →

Bookstagram and the art of Consumerism.

Bookstagram. For many this word alone brings to mind colourful stacks of books, open books with beautiful cups of tea next to them and intriguing, complex set ups of everything bookish. The more you scroll, the more beautiful photos pop up on your feed. Reviews, recommendations, book hauls and bookish merchandise. All there for you... Continue Reading →

Hi Everyone!

Hi everyone! This is my first ever blog post! I'm excited to start writing for this blog, you can expect to see reviews, recommendations and my TBR challenge! I started my bookstagram @read.booksallday in May of this year. I've always loved reading for as long as I can remember. I really enjoyed following other people's... Continue Reading →


Hello there and welcome to Get Booked. Get Booked is a blog featuring multiple writers who read different genres of books, study different subjects and joined their forces to create a blog that covers all aspects of bookish material, social issues and sexuality issues. This blog will be mainly focused on books but will also... Continue Reading →

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